The Legacy

             The Black Rain began several years back when the team began playing local rec-ball.  From there things took off.  The team began getting more interested in speedball.  Speedball was  a new ,exciting, and adrenaline filled style of paintball that brought all of the memebrs of Black Rain to attention.  The team began purchasing high end markers that would be able to keep up with this new style of play.  The teams interest in the sport began to grow day by day week by week.  Leadership was beginning to form around Alex Pearce.  Alex organized the team and made the team want to compete in local tournaments.  We began playing our first tournaments in late 2006.  Since that time the team has stayed strong and stayed commited.  The team practices about twice a week just about about every week.  We try to play as many tournaments as possible and practice whenever we are unable to attend a tournament.    Since late 2007 we have been making it to the finals in nearly all of our tournaments.  In 2008, the team never had anything lower than a 3rd place finish and made it to the finals in every event.  The team will be playing  PSP MAO, PSP Chicago and PSP World Cup in 2009.  Our team hopes to one day emerge as a dominant figure in the sport of paintball.